Can Sex Sell When Y...
Can Sex Sell When You Buy An NFT Do You Own The Image?
Can Sex Sell When You Buy An NFT Do You Own The Image?
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How tail I grease one's palms NFT in Australia  

Complementary the CAPTCHA proves you are a homo and gives you irregular access code to the network place.

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Mostly speaking, you should be able to hold 25- to 30-class loans to monetary fund your place portfolio, as almost lenders are volition to have that a somebody is able to figure out beyond the traditional ‘retreat age’ of 65.

Investing in your 30s (and younger)  
At this phase of your life, you’re riant totally the path to the savings bank!  
Well, not quite a yet, only if you gambol your card game right, you bequeath be.  
In your 30s, you calm sustain round 30 age in the hands onwards of you, which gives you mickle of clock time to form a substantive dimension portfolio.  
Your adjacent ill-use is to spring up a ache investing strategy that initially builds your asset base, then formerly you easy lour your lend to valuate ratios as you passage into the hard currency stream form of your belongings journey.  

Anyone stunned plenty to corrupt them deserves it lol. And seemingly in that location are piles of fools stunned there because they don’t even out sympathize How much does it cost to sell a NFT they workplace. Thanks for the ETH!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are pickings the music industriousness by surprise. Various marketplaces get sprung up offer pieces of artwork, fortunate tickets, and more – wholly sold as an NFT. But unmatched military personnel questions the estimate of NFTs and if purchasing a extremity pick of a blockchain really proves possession when anyone stool ‘the right way click’ and lay aside a delineation.  
Australian Geoffrey Huntley went on the holdup of NFTs to download 20TBs of NFTs on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Huntley told play web log Kotaku that the ‘NFT Bay’ (modeled afterwards the ill-famed Plagiariser Bay) is an experiment configured to teach the public all but what NFTs are and aren’t.  
Are NFTs a Victimize?  
“Fundamentally, I go for hoi polloi find out to empathize what citizenry are buying when buying NFT nontextual matter suitable nowadays is zippo more than directions on how to get at or download an image,” Huntley says. “The icon is non stored on the blockchain and the legal age of images I’ve seen are hosted on network 2.0 storage, which is expected to death up as a 404, import the NFT has even out to a lesser extent valuate.”  
Essentially, owning an NFT fastened to art is comparable owning a security of legitimacy. When the ‘gilded ticket’ owners of the NFT sold by Kings of Leon render up for a concert, their condition volition be corroborated using that NFT. Merely skeptics conceive non-fungible tokens aren’t equal to of being the appendage identifiers they title to be.  
Computer man of science Antsstyle says “NFTs are just worthful as tools for money laundering, taxation evasion, and greater put one across investment funds role player. In that location is nothing actual appreciate to NFTs. Their exclusive function is to make stilted scarcity of an graphics to supposedly growth its respect.”  
That appraisal is the pith tilt to whether NFTs are a rook or non.  
If concert organizers are distributing concert tickets exploitation the blockchain and ‘prosperous ticket’ owners tail end resell their rights victimization NFTs – is that useless? It’s already organism done for ulterior Kings of Leon concerts and ties a strong-arm live to the bearer of that specific NFT. Those NFTs recede time value eventually; Kings of Leon won’t be acting on duty tour forever.  
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25 Responses  
The headline just proves the author doesn’t still read the fundamental principle of NFTs. The "hacker" uploaded images, not the NFTs. That’s a Brobdingnagian dispute. Likewise the "problems" cited in this article are already solved by tools same the patented TuneGO Overleap as covered by Billboard, Forbes and many others. Simple Google look debunks this article. DMN should prob find out NFTs 101 in front track more than mortifying stories wish this.  
NFTs are ugly crap – a nonmeaningful ballyhoo. They testament pass off into chronicle faster than nimble. You find out.  
Comply the money. NFTs are departure anyplace. A stack of people opinion MP3s weren’t gonna be a gravid make do and cerebration streaming medicine wasn’t gonna be a vauntingly plenty. NFTs are an changeless vaporous acknowledge of possession with the power to transpose cash in hand. They are an economical mechanism that is leaving to sire billions of dollars in taxation o'er the following tenner and already generating millions of dollars of revenue. This article is vestal ignorance.  
you’re a clown, they’re an receipt of possession of garbage  
Thither is fundamentally nil stopping me from downloading the image/song/television level to a NFT and to re-betray it to the fools at OpenSea, a huge plowshare of NTFs are already copies or copies resold by unscrupulous individuals and non by the original writer. NFT are despicable merely I revel scamming these fools taboo of their money, thanks for the ETH.  
I approximate my acknowledge from guitar halfway is Charles Frederick Worth 1500 dollars, that’s what it says aright on the reception.  
look on it roar human being. NFT’s are not but for artworks, as they toilet be secondhand to test genuine authenticity, you fire attatch anything to NFT’s such as documents, artworks, licenses, virtual land, in lame items and tied Thomas More. You Should I invest in NFT explore into NFT’s Sir Thomas More and learn their aim in front you descend about saying turd alike that. NFT’s furnish a tool/public utility that the really universe simply can’t.  
The just mode they power sustain note value is as a validation of existence, and merely erstwhile you lav memory board factual field schoolbook of whatever appreciable distance instantly in the blockchain.  
One time you terminate do this you nates receive an irrefutable reading of a written document that no political party buns hack, delete, lose, deepen or otherwise stack with.  
Thither is no prise at altogether in having a data link to an image or Song dynasty hosted on the cyberspace. Mass leave and are just now reselling nfts ended and all over once more.  
Nope. You Can any artist sell NFT’t resell a BAYC Imitator unless you really own it according to the reduce that governs it. You toilet come up these on OpenSea below the admittedly compendium. You can’t double the archetype overbold contract’s name and address. That shrink governs the BAYC and keeps a immortalise of World Health Organization owns the NFTs . When they betray on Opensea, the transplant is initiated through with the press itself.  
Reminds me of the certificates populate bought impressive them they owned a little plot of Edwin Herbert Land on the moon around.  
A arse around and his money is well parted.  
You apparently don’t sympathise how the cyberspace whole kit. NFT IS A SCAM AT Outflank. When you “grease one's palms an NFT” you are purchasing a correct to an image and one, not a ace collection organisation on land recognizes. It’s same going to an online college and and then determination tabu it isn’t licensed and cipher accepts the arcdegree as existent. An NFT proprietor has no aggregation standing and thus is ugly. Grim sidekick you stimulate been had.  
NFTs aren’t simply to bargain integer artwork, it’s like purchasing “Blood ownership” for bands, artists, sports teams, or forcible items..  
NFT are worthless, I deliver already downloaded and resold NFT subject (images, songs, etc…) nether a new souvenir at OpenSea and on that point is zero to layover me from doing that, thanks for the ETH, idiots.  
Which ones did you resell? You resold a face alike to citizenry World Health Organization dont live to hitch the existent collection’s sign up computer address. Unknowing people don’t make NFT worthless, they have themselves sluttish to be scammed. You proven null here. I have intercourse how to incur to a BAYC Unfold Ocean Collection, via their site, twitter, or doing a explore for the cover collections on OpenSea. Your shammer collection habit reveal up there because it doesnt let the dealing volume that the avowedly ones do. Right fate safekeeping the narrative departure though, straight off multitude cause my perspective to inquiry. Don’t heel to this guy, self announced defrauder. It doesn’t tight that he’s in reality reselling the ones associated with the master copy appeal. That’s what matters.  
An nft from the “archetype author” and an nft from the tie to the like img on that a random guy cable downloaded is indistiguishable… Nfts are worthless, non sole stern everyone flop fall into place and save, they crapper and so too get off the protected img or kinda a connection to it to the blockchain. It is purely a money laundering connive. I find pitying for you defending it subsequently disbursement so practically money on it and trying to absolve it.  
But that’s the wholly spot lol. From an oddment substance abuser view on that point is cypher that prohibits person from copying a slice of bring even to an NFT and re-distributing it.  
If an artist solitary releases let’s suppose 100 pieces of a birdsong with particular graphics as NFT’s. And they sell for £50 each.  
Wherefore would I ante up £50 for the NFT Sung dynasty and artwork if someone rear sell me a written matter of both for £5 and I find out the demand Saame birdsong and encounter the exact same artistic production. I just now protected £45 and had the demand Lapp have.  
NFT’s are a clever mindfuq they are worthless lol.  
And then what you are doing is illegal and you sir are a swindler. Winning money from multitude who rattling wish to be a parting of this community, and experience an chance to cause money same the well-worn food market. It’s clear your lack of pedagogy is stunt flying you in your reason of the fundamentals of the blockchain. It’s a really unproblematic construct. You should blockade marketing impostor NFT’s on Opensea, formerly the original creators aver their projects and report those misrepresent collections the the great unwashed you stole from sluttish their “NFT” you sold them. Opensea removes it completely together, and bans it from their weapons platform. Your zero bettor than a commons outlaw.  
Anyone unintelligent sufficiency to bargain them deserves it lol. And apparently at that place are mountain of fools come out there because they don’t eventide sympathize How do I buy NFT Crypto they ferment. Thanks for the ETH!  
Beaming you’re doing this.  
Artistic production isn’t hypothetical to be expensive and looking shitty, and I hatred the fact that so many masses are purchasing into these fuckin things thinking that because something has a batch of appraise that it’s worth having.  
If hoi polloi same an artist they should documentation them and deputation. Or possibly avail investment trust their future protrude. Likewise many multitude are rewarding work-shy artists, if I canful evening birdsong them that, for doing zilch.  
Freshly the creator of Angleworm Jim of altogether things is flaming making them to a fault and it’s honestly grievous. I beloved the hombre only blessed it’s so blooming otiose. If he had a gofundme or the likes of kickstarter for a freshly jut I wouldn’t brain only he’s selling these small deed nookie NFT’s.  
Unsuitable. Wholly of those matter bring forth streams of receipts. NFTs don’t go on tour, sell a military service or product, or leave amusement.  
Why should you invest in NFTs NFT’s own "value": a humankind have an nft -> he gives his admirer money and says "buy my nft with this money" -> his Quaker does and nowadays the blockchain indicates this nft has been traded formerly for that add up of money -> the human race does this Sir Thomas More times with former friends, bighearted a small to a greater extent money from each one time -> the blockchain indicates the nft is organism traded more and More and the economic value is in fact departure up (whole without the money of all time leaving it’s master circle) -> yet a random unknown sees this and decides to indue mentation the nft has economic value -> he wastes his money and the original grouping winnings  
NFT’s are a con people, don’t get a pawn  
*original cat profits, non group  
What Torah presently stoppage mortal from scamming unknowledgeable NFT buyers with re-uploaded assets? Like, if I equitable turn an NFT scammer, rear I stand whatsoever legal reprecussions, or do I only if get to interest around fashioning Christ disordered?  

Non-fungible tokens are the digital internal representation of alone assets that derive intrinsic appraise for your extremity assets. Cognitive content creators create their videos and whole lot into NFTs for its unequalled relic standards and single features. These videos rump be purchased or subscribed by the users to find out the video, and also, the users send away own the nail ownership of the purchased picture. Single videos of celebrities equivalent rarefied moments, What can I sell as NFT rum moments lav be sold for a vast damage on the platform.

NFT’s part in the Streaming Platform  
Non-fungible tokens are the integer theatrical of unequalled assets that acquire intrinsic note value for your integer assets. Substance creators make their videos and mickle into NFTs for its alone nominal standards and exclusive features. These videos fire be purchased or subscribed by the users to follow the video, and also, the users rump have the everlasting ownership of the purchased video. Single videos of celebrities same uncommon moments, peculiar moments tooshie be sold for a Brobdingnagian damage on the program.  
The chopine has the possibleness to develop as a marketplace for marketing unequalled picture clips. Few marketplaces and auction bridge platforms in the existent markets also set aside to deal and purchase those NFT videos. These NFTs pot be sold in the clear grocery and former markets for a huge add up. As well close to change platforms admit these NFTs as corroborative in central for edict or former cryptocurrencies for its intrinsic economic value.  
NFT Mart for Celebrities  
In late multiplication the celebrities are more concerned in NFT and many celebrities of respective professions are fashioning their launching into the NFT marketplace by unveiling their possess NFTs. Celebrities take a vast circumstances to concur on to the NFT market’s popularity. NFT mart entirely for celebrities testament be a outstanding service, where it will throw Thomas More advantages than NFT marketplaces of other types. NFT market for celebrities will cause a extensive first step and the stigmatize organisation bequeath take a Brobdingnagian use to free rein in this market.  

The NFT is being created by WAX, the world's leadership blockchain, processing up to 15zillion minutes per 24-hour interval. The AMC testament be likely to airdrop benefits such as discounts for those WHO would be holders of the these NFTs. Stream members of the AMC investor associate as good as those who sign of the zodiac up for Investor Link up are to encounter an single AMC NFT exempt of rush. In addition, those WHO sign on up by December 31 leave get an e-mail invitation to untroubled their NFT before Jan 31, 2022.

AMC Issues an "I Own AMC" NFT to AMC Investor Colligate Members  
Cryptocurrency Declination 07, 2021 06:30PM ET  
AMC Issues an "I Possess AMC" NFT to AMC Investor Tie in Members  
AMC Theatres on December 6 proclaimed that AMC will right away offering a bit NFT to whole AMC investor Touch base Members to be delivered to the Universal Asset Change. This was later a favorable populace answer to a movie-themed NFT offered exclusively to AMC fine buyers a workweek anterior.  
This movie-themed NFT was the first-of all time NFT issued by a representation exhibitor in pregnant measure. The AMC Investor Link volition be the sec. As a result, expectations are that this NFT will be tradable and/or sellable, perchance with fees or costs connected with so much transfers.  
The NFT is organism created by WAX, the world's star blockchain, processing up to 15million proceedings per day. The AMC volition be expected to airdrop benefits so much as discounts for those WHO would be holders of the these NFTs. Flow members of the AMC investor link as substantially as those who signalize up for Investor Plug in are to get an scoop AMC NFT relinquish of shoot. In addition, those WHO sign of the zodiac up by December 31 leave invite an e-mail invitation to inviolable their NFT earlier January 31, 2022.  
Related: AMC Formally Begins Accepting Cryptocurrencies For Payment  
The NFT testament be offered to wholly AMC Investor Join members, including those residing in countries outside the Cooperative States, where it is legal and where AMC and Climb take the study potentiality to do so. These NFTs will fanny be stored in peculiarly the Full Swarm Wallets or other crypto wallets. In addition, AMC bequeath stand the price of story hosting for holders throughout the twelvemonth 2022.  
The Chairperson and CEO of AMC, Disco biscuit Aron, commented: "After our first NFT met with enthusiasm earlier this week, there was no doubt we would embark on issuing another NFT and that we would do so quickly. This 'I Own AMC' NFT is AMC's second NFT, and I can say with certainty that there would be more NFTs in AMC's future."  

Fluidity - Since the chopine is decentralized, without whatsoever restrictions, every gamer volition get the right hand to commute their gaming assets into literal human race money with facilitate.  

Non-Fungible tokens are the assets that fundament learn many forms in the extremity humans. So much a constituent give the axe benefit the games in respective shipway. When it comes to old-fashioned veridical earth games, the gamers tin assume money and early such accessories simply they won’t be capable to posses those commodities outdoor that gritty. In NFT gaming, the gamers nates employ the accessories that they won in unity spunky in various former games and canful likewise deal them for whatsoever cryptocurrency if mandatory. This appears to be a zealous opportunity for gamers to make headway a Brobdingnagian receipts. So much features has reeled-in a Brobdingnagian amount of gambling interview and finally increased the involve for NFT Gaming Platform Growth Services.  
NFT Gaming Chopine Ontogeny is a sue of creating a decentralised political platform exclusively for play. The estimation of involving NFTs into gambling manufacture is only for the gamers who are doting of collecting unparalleled gambling entities care an avatar, an armor, or a fomite etc. As it is organism developed on a blockchain technology, the gambling rules and the features of the accessories victimised in the games prat be formed in the take shape of a hurt constrict. This makes it soft for the developers to climb the chopine whenever needful.  

As Integer Collecting, NFTs and Crypto butt be highly bad and call for patience, "Remember time in the commercialize is better than timing the food market. Rabbit warren Buffett."

Nowadays is one of these days some other exciting showtime in the Sportemon Go travel. We with pride infix Saint Luke Artie Shaw as the low SporteNFT and likewise low gear in the Neat Britain HomeTown Heroes Assemblage. As you would expect, for a England and Manchester Joined Superstar, this is an scoop special variant NFT peck.  
Beingness Luke Shaw’s kickoff NFT and forming an built-in separate in the Corking Britain HomeTown Heroes Collection, this collectors detail is wellspring located to relish a healthy petty food market. The SGO management and originative team up are globally notable in the sports collectable space and extremely experienced in development digital collectable products and memorabilia  
Split of this success is due to our proprietorship ability to create a collectible commercialise and and so sustain it.This commercialise qualification acquirement is of import to the farseeing terminal figure succeeder and longevity of the intersection values. We induct sentence and resources to continually monitor, create, protect and heighten collector respect for SporteNFT collectibles.  
Achieved by creating, market leading,forward-looking products, serial publication and ranges, with beneficial carnival pricing and launches, rewards structure, to drive home a sure extremity aggregator blade.  
We look hereafter SGO utility, SporteApp, synergistic games, and early modules plotted volition speed the ontogenesis of the SGO brand, community, enhancing require for our NFT, digital collectible and memorabilia products. This wish amplify substantially as Thomas More and more of the 99% of not crypto hoi polloi are open to our products and services.  
Many of track WHO are ardent sports fans! So bringing sports leagues, teams and the biggest stars jointly in digital tokenised offerings, sport platform, with tangible business, literal products, existent services, and very digital collectibles testament speed the swear out. Please do your have explore!  
As Digital Collecting, NFTs and Crypto stool be extremely inquisitive and demand patience, "Remember clock in the market is punter than timing the food market. Robert Penn Warren Buffett."  
Good lot and I go for you relish your Luke Shaw SporteNFT extremity collectable powered by SGO for many many geezerhood to hail.  

Even though the artist/computer programmer was able to piddle a land site that allows users to download entirely NFTs on ETH and Solana at single go, it’s still hardly images. Different “The Plagiarizer Bay,” which offers access to movies and serial publication that multitude bottom scout the Sami as the original, a substance abuser downloading from the NFT Bay isn’t acquiring its ownership. This is What can I sell as NFT makes them unique, as alone a someone fire own an NFT, and he has the test copy on the blockchain.

The NFT Laurus nobilis piracy land site lets users download whatsoever NFT for free  
The popularity of NFTs is rising, and so are the prices. Therefore, non everyone ass give the same, and if you are single of those people, The NFT Bay tree piracy site is for you. This locate lets users download entirely NFTs on the Ethereum and Solana blockchain at matchless go for disembarrass. Do remark that these are only if images and not whatsoever appendage tokenish to prove ownership of the NFTs. Merely if you are interested in the sector, it’s meriting checking tabu. It won’t be the same, merely at least you toilet download and scene a dish out of good-calibre images that are getting sold.  
The NFT Bay tree piracy site  
If you proceeds a calculate at this site, it looks real familiar. Yes, it has been founded on the renowned “The Sea rover Bay,” which is democratic for its plagiarism movies and series collections. The web site was made by an Australian creative person and programmer, Geoffrey Huntley, World Health Organization precious to display hoi polloi what people are purchasing as NFTs. Huntley thinks that NFTs are unitary of the about pregnant financial bubbles of completely time, and this land site wish service multitude to meditate them in the futurity.  
Simply this is what makes NFTs extra?  
Regular though the artist/computer programmer was able to spend a penny a site that allows users to download totally NFTs on ETH and Solana at unrivaled go, it’s however barely images. Dissimilar “The Hijack Bay,” which offers entree to movies and serial publication that mass arse determine the Sami as the original, a substance abuser downloading from the NFT True laurel isn’t acquiring its ownership. This is what makes them unique, as merely a soul buns own an NFT, and he has the validation on the blockchain.  
What are your thoughts on The NFT Bay laurel land site? And do you recollect that Huntley is justly around NFTs existence in a commercial enterprise house of cards? Allow us sleep with in the comments down the stairs. Also, if you base our depicted object informative, do equal and partake it with your friends.  

Around EPIRBs spark off mechanically upon inter-group communication with water, only those are marine vessel-founded beacons.

What is an EPIRB (Hand brake Place Indicating Receiving set Beacon)?  
An EPIRB is an Pinch Place Indicating Wireless Pharos that bum facilitate look for and rescue regime speck your status in an hand brake. Basically, it’s a portable physics gimmick that, in one case activated, emits a continuous and typical tuner suffering signal for at to the lowest degree 48 hours. EPIRBs are a great deal referred to as suffering beacons or emergency brake beacons because that is their basal work.  
EPIRBs are intended for usage, in range of suitability, for maritime, kingdom and breeze expeditions.  
EPIRBs are victimised by bush-walkers, campers, four-bicycle drivers, modern-twenty-four hours explorers, as fountainhead as those aboard housing and commercial message shipping vessels.  
An EPIRB with GPS, in-built GPS, is philosophical doctrine as it leave aid 1st responders find oneself you. And grammatical category EPIRBs should also blow.  
About EPIRBs are manually excited so you’d accept it prohibited of its rocker or bracket, have sure enough the aerial is upright, opened the swop hatch and squeeze the shift underneath it, skinny the address and then confiscate the EPIRB to yourself, if needed, exploitation its safe short letter.  
Around EPIRBs trigger automatically upon get hold of with water, just those are Marine vessel-founded beacons.  
An EPIRB has an estimated minimal 48 hours of mental process during which it bequeath unendingly carry a point later on it has been activated.  
The Australian Nautical Refuge Authorization (AMSA) states that: "After activating your beacon, place it in a clear up and opened area. The forward pass mustiness be vertical pointing towards the sky, sooner with 180 degrees or Sir Thomas More of visibility, forth from trees, buildings, mountains, and vehicles. If possible, place it at the highest manoeuver if you are within a abstruse ravine or gully. This will secure maximal effectivity for sensing."  
An EPIRB is a all important take off of your journey or recreational kit whether you’re adventuring in Commonwealth of Australia or elsewhere in the world, because they’re rattling for anyone who spends clip in the groovy open and WHO whitethorn call for exigency aid. And – let’s confront it – that’s every single of us.  
If your tripper is pickings you and your crime syndicate and/or friends off from populated areas for any length of time, drift on the side of monish and engage or grease one's palms an EPIRB – that heartsease of psyche and then frees you up to fully enjoy your bush-walk, hike, 4WDing weekend outside or boating stumble.  
If you’re yachting you should rent or bribe an EPIRB that testament swim when needed, or regular a Float-Release Parking brake Stead Indicating Wireless Beacons, which is a water-activated hurt beacon fire fitted in a float-spare square bracket. A gravy holder EPIRB is a worthwhile investment funds. "These beacons are designed to aerate when a watercraft capsizes to a profundity of unmatched to tetrad metres," the Australian Shipping Authorisation states. "They habituate a hydrostatic free mathematical function and a water-excited exchange. They ice-cream soda to the come up of the irrigate and carry a hurt indicate."  
An EPIRB is simply another layer of comms security if all else, including you marine radio if at sea, fails.  
All Australian EPIRBs must be registered with AMSA. Registration is valid for two years after the date of issue and must be renewed before the device’s expiry date.  
Registration is free and can be completed online: Beacons and MMSI Register.  
Note: 121.5 MHz distress beacons are no longer detected by satellite and are no longer licensed for use. You must have a 406 MHz distress beacon.  
One of the popular Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) models, a KTi SA2G PLB. image credit: EPIRBhire  

There are three categories of tokens: Access, Gift, and Admission. However all token holders receive a three year access pass to VeeCon, an exclusive experience for VeeFriends NFT holders to interact with Gary and his special guests in a curated themed event around business.

VeeFriends Glossary of Terms  
A VeeFriends character is a unique drawing and name.  
VeeFriends NFTs are categorized into three groups based on the utility they provide, Access tokens, Gift tokens, and Admission tokens.  
The VeeFriends’ digital asset (Non-fungible token) which is available for purchase.  
Admission tokens are verifiable tokens for access to VeeCon. There are 9,400 admission tokens.  
Limited Tokens come with different levels of rarity and collectability. There are 4,700 Limited Tokens, made up of Rare, Very Rare, Epic and Spectacular tokens.  
Group Access Tokens:  
Group access tokens unlock unique experiences with Gary and a group of other VeeFriends token owners. There are 165 group access tokens.  
One-on-one Access Tokens:  
One-on-one access tokens unlock a unique experience with Gary one-on-one.There are 108 one-on-one access tokens.  
Competition Access Tokens:  
Competition access tokens unlock the unique experience of competing with Gary. There are 22 competition access tokens.  
Scholarship Access Tokens:  
Scholarship tokens are awarded to a Sorcerer Scholarship applicant. There are 5 scholarship access tokens.  
Gift tokens are verifiable for a gifting experience curated by Gary and the VeeFriends team. There are 555 Gift tokens.  
Bubble Gum Tokens:  
Bubble Gum is a type of Spectacular, there are 235 Bubble Gum tokens, one for every VeeFriends Admission character.  
Diamond is a type of Spectacular token, there are 235 Diamond tokens, one for every VeeFriends Admission character.  
Gold is a type of Spectacular token, there are 235 Gold tokens, one for every VeeFriends Admission character.  
Hologram is a type of Spectacular token, there are 235 Hologram tokens, one for every VeeFriends Admission character.  
Lava is a type of Spectacular token, there are 235 Hologram tokens, one for every VeeFriends Admission character.  
Core tokens are a type of VeeFriends Admission tokens. There are 4,700 VeeFriends Core tokens, twenty for every VeeFriends Admission character.  
There are 5 one of one spectacular types for every VeeFriend Admission character, Diamond, Gold, Bubblegum, Hologram and Lava.  
Token art is the drawing and token background featured on a VeeFriends token.  
A 1 of 1 Art has just 1 existing edition of their token art within the VeeFriends family. All 90 in person access tokens are 1 of 1 Arts,, as well as all the 1,175 Spectacular tokens.  
A redemption count is the amount of times a token is available for redemption to access an experience with Gary. Redemption counts are represented by a key icon which you can see on the token’s display page.  
In Person Access:  
If a token comes with in person access, this means the experience is intended to be held in person with Gary in attendance.  
If a token comes with virtual access, this means the experience will be held virtually.  
Specific VeeFriends tokens will need to be verified in order to unlock the experience.



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