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How Much Does It Cost To Sell On OpenSea Stats: These Numbers Are Real
How Much Does It Cost To Sell On OpenSea Stats: These Numbers Are Real
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Wherefore did NFT turn popular  

So the number one intellect why people don’t get loaded is it never occurs to them that it is potential for them. And of course, if it never occurs to them, and so they never demand whatever of the steps requirement to bring in it a reality.

First, at the superlative of the list, is that it never occurs to them.  
The average out someone has big up in a kinfolk where he has never met or known anyone who was flush. He goes to school day and socializes with the great unwashed World Health Organization are non moneyed. He whole kit and caboodle with the great unwashed World Health Organization are not moneyed. He has a point of reference group or a social forget me drug outside of act upon WHO are not moneyed. He has no function models who are moneyed. If this has happened to you passim your plastic years, up to the years of twenty, you arse develop up and turn a in full matured fully grown in our society, and it May ne'er hap to you that it’s just as potential for you to become loaded as for anyone else.  
This is wherefore multitude World Health Organization farm up in homes where their parents are moneyed are a lot More likely to suit flush as adults then masses World Health Organization grew up in homes where their parents are not.  
So the showtime reasonableness why the great unwashed don’t turn flush is it never occurs to them that it is conceivable for them. And of course, if it never occurs to them, then they ne'er postulate whatsoever of the stairs necessity to score it a realism.  
Read the number one footstep you need to ask in regulate to catch on the path to financial independency.  

If you’re non fellow with greenhouses, on that point are various advantages for your plants. Victimization a greenhouse, plants keister get more fruits and flowers, plants pot make Thomas More light, and it likewise evens taboo temperatures. These are but a few of the advantages of having a nursery.

Wherefore Greenhouses Wealthy person Become A Democratic Trend  
With more than hoi polloi staying at home, a circumstances of them find metre to do the things that dismiss lend atonement and public security to their souls. Perhaps, you’ve started cooking again, alternatively of ordering takeout as you did in the yore. Others could be functional kayoed more, departure done their to-show pile, or level pick up a New pursuit.  
As these things happen, greenhouses take in besides full-grown in popularity. But, it isn’t lone due to the pandemic. There are several early reasons for this acclivitous style.  
If you’re not associate with greenhouses, thither are respective advantages for your plants. Victimization a greenhouse, plants give the sack induce more than fruits and flowers, plants fire cause More light, and it also evens stunned temperatures. These are lone a few of the advantages of having a greenhouse.  
But, contempt being so salutary to gardening, it didn’t precisely get a popular gardening dick all-night. A nursery exploited to be restrained for those who give birth the money to soma it, gardening businesses, and practiced gardeners. The universe has late seen a drastic shift in this swerve as many ordinary bicycle citizenry and horticulture enthusiasts have got begun edifice greenhouses themselves.  
These are just about of the reasons why greenhouses ingest dead turn popular:  
1. They’re more affordable  
Greenhouses secondhand to be expensive to material body. They weren’t merely projects you could DIY. You had to induce unrivalled configured to conform to the country and be long-lived to hold up put on and What to do with NFT after buying deplume. This is why it tooshie be rather pricey as the materials needed to human body a stout glasshouse equals Brobdingnagian expenses. So, as you would expect, there’s likely a substantial count of populate WHO experience precious a nursery for Why are NFTs so expensive a foresightful time; they’ve solitary been putt away due to the highschool costs.  
But, things are quite a dissimilar these years as manufacturers have establish ways to wee greenhouses to a greater extent low-priced and square to build, without sacrificing the morphological wholeness. For instance, greenhouses with 8×12 cooking stove from make out in diverse designs and prices that won’t place you backrest financially. With these low-priced options, it’s no admiration that scads of multitude no longer take to holdup their want to get a glasshouse.  
2. Novel greenhouses are long-lasting  
Greenhouses these years are thirster persistent. Thomas More manufacturers sustain through adequate research to know what the better materials are. Whether it’s a wooden greenhouse, aluminum, or polycarbonate, you can’t perhaps go amiss.  
Disregardless of what material you deprivation your nursery to be made from, thither are decent pieces of advice and experiences from early users to backrest up why they the likes of greenhouses made from special materials. This is why many populate are convinced in at last investment in a greenhouse because they trust the inquiry and products now.  
When a New rage emerges, it’s graspable that many citizenry are questioning of how in effect it is. But, afterward around time, plenty research, experiments, and tweaking testament be made to stimulate people faith a specific swerve regular more. Greenhouses aren’t any different.  
3. An organic fertiliser lifestyle  
This succeeding reason out lends a flake because Sir Thomas More populate deal around how their intellectual nourishment was fully grown. Organically big fruits and vegetables are fitter and safer because they hold in to a lesser extent pesticides and More alimental. Furthermore, they countenance populate to make more than at dwelling house and apprise the solid food on their plates. Thus, throwing out nutrient tail be rock-bottom.  
A glasshouse tin aid anyone who lives an living thing lifestyle by improving the character of the fruits and vegetables they have. And, if you develop More than enough crops, you potty fifty-fifty sell them!  
4. Environment-friendly  
It’s no hidden that the environmental problems in the reality accept been getting worse. In expression so, More citizenry privation to articulation the suit and adjudicate to aid tabu in any way they fundament.  
Mass producing fruits and vegetables entails victimisation chemicals, gasolene for transport, and fictile for promotion. By just flourishing your nutrient in a greenhouse, you buttocks come down the expend of these environmentally damaging activities.  

The game's initial populace alpha is potential to loose about clip in 2021 and players wish be capable to physique on Body politic which is the game's master appendage plots. Players sack easily sell and monetise their creations to earn $SAND, the game's functionary nominal.

The to the full outlet of "Illuvium" is scheduled this twenty-five percent one-fourth of 2021 with players participating in PvP Sports stadium battles or through active in PvE missions. Players bathroom earn the $ILV relic as the gamy runs on Ethereum's blockchain. The fluid rendering is expected to set in motion in 2022 in the lead of its wide sequel in 2023, according to the game's roadmap.  
This Mobile phantasy RPG is set up to amply unloosen in betimes 2022 with its genus Beta and alpha versions potentially debut this year. Thither are already 120,000 players that receive pre-registered for the coming multiplayer keep RPG. The back is made-up on the Ethereum blockchain.  

"A recent surveil of train children disclosed that many teens now would sort of be famed than smart, they’d preferably be a fame supporter than go to Harvard. Although captivation with celebrities and celebrity is cipher new, never in front has it seemed so attainable for so many," Melissa Henson, Conductor of Communications and Populace Instruction at the Parents Boob tube Council said. "Most Bodoni font celebrities, from the mold of ‘Jersey Shore’ to the Kardashians, achieved their fame or notoriety non through and through any real number deserve or talent, only by having sex activity tapes made public, or by acting corresponding entitled, bad brats on close to reality TV show up. Is this actually the illustration we need our children to keep abreast?"

More On This.  
But one question remains -- why are the Kardashians famous?  
"We've entered an era where ‘fame’ has far less to do with genuine talent and love for one's craft and far more to do with tabloid scandal and reality television antics," Alec Shankman , a former reality show talent agent and founder of online casting service "GotCast" told Pop Tarts. "The Kardashians arguably 'launched' much in part due to Kim's one-time BFF status with Paris Hilton, and then her subsequent sex tape. Soon thereafter, the family is outselling box office movie stars on the new stands. Entry into the once glamorous celebrity in-crowd is now often as easy as creating a viral moment of tabloid gossip."  
But what is unique about Kim Kardashian in particular is that, although her initial foray into the public eye stemmed from hanging out with notorious party girl Paris Hilton, having a sex tape fall into the hands of adult distribution company Vivid Entertainment, and posing naked for Playboy, she is certainly no Snooki or Heidi Montag. The 29-year-old seems to have been able to turn her reality stardom into an A-list affair.  
Earlier this year, Kim was featured (nude and un-airbrushed) in high-end fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, she is on the latest cover of beauty magazine Allure, and was honored with a spot in People Magazine’s "Most Beautiful" list this year.  
"The Kardashian ladies are extremist media savvy, we experience seen many heiresses mother celebrated only this is the first base house to do so, which is why the media seems to be so fascinated," explained AP Entertainment/Popping Refinement Expert, Natalie Rotman. "There is something for everyone with this radical. They are the likes of a 'Sexual activity In The City' reality display. Thither is the pretty ace that dates around, the flashy peerless that married a NBA champion, and the bright ace – with the non so smarting indulge pop."  
And the Kardashian’s don’t just tape their show, and then let the fame and fortune come to them – apparently they know how to hustle.  
"As a bunch, the Kardashians are aggressive – if mom/manager Kris needs something for a gift bag, she'll ask for 80 Hermes scarves. If they're going somewhere, they don't just call ‘the paparazzi,’ they have preferred photographers who capture staged everything," reality show producer/Hollywood publicist, Mikey Glazer, said. "Plus the Kardashians have commercial relevance because it's not one hot girl, but three eye-catching girls (in different ways). The complex sibling relationship is more relatable than Paris Hilton to Nicole Richie. It's the same reason that the original "Idol" judge trio sizzled – tense chemistry is always between the three."  
Even "CSI: Miami" starlet Eva LaRue feels those like the Kardashian’s have the ability to build longer-lasting careers than her very talented acting counterparts.  
"As actors, we don’t have shows that are going to be on the air forever, so you have to wisely brand yourself," LaRue told us. "But some of the reality show stars are better at branding themselves than television stars, like the Kardashians, so maybe they’ll have more longevity."  
Aside from Kim’s sex tape and Khloe’s 2007 DUI, very little heat seems to be generated in the media about the Kardashian crew – and it is not necessarily because they don’t have any dirty laundry to air.  
"It’s strange how you never see a bad word written about them," a family insider said. "Their mom Kris (who also happens to be Kim’s manager) knows just How much should I charge for my NFT to make friends with the right reporters and get the right things in the press, and keep the rest out."  
So in glorifying this family – famous for nothing in particular – is society setting a bad example to children that they don’t need to necessarily aspire to having brains or a particular skill in order to really do well in life?  
"A recent survey of school children revealed that many teens today would rather be famous than smart, they’d rather be a celebrity assistant than go to Harvard. Although fascination with celebrities and fame is nothing new, never before has it seemed so attainable for so many," Melissa Henson, Director of Communications and Public Education at the Parents Television Council said. "Most modern celebrities, from the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ to the Kardashians, achieved their fame or notoriety not through any real merit or talent, but by having sex tapes made public, or by acting like entitled, spoiled brats on some reality TV show. Is this really the example we want our children to follow?"  
Simply according to ace of Hollywood’s leadership realness present casting agents, Doron Ofir, the prayer of the Kardashian mob is that we terminate wholly check a trivial of ourselves among their many trials and tribulations.  
"Reality telly gives socialites same Genus Paris and Kim the take chances to be icons, it takes away the caul of prestigiousness and highlights the dramatic play and idiosyncrasies that everybody has in their lives," Ofir said. "True artists are noted for no reason, I dispute anyone to severalise me World Health Organization North Korean won the Nobel Peace treaty Prise the final quint geezerhood. Simply someone alike Kim Kardashian, leave be remembered."  

New iPhones receive released each year e'er since, including the redesigned 4, 4S, 5, and, in 2013, 5S and 5C, with variable sizes and Mary Leontyne Price tags. The 6 Positive was introduced in 2014: it was a bigger social unit which open the fashion for iPhones of larger test sizes. 2015's iPhone 6S catered to those who hush up treasured a smaller smartphone, merely Apple before long derelict compendious designs. Orchard apple tree effectively skipped a ninth model, opting to describe its 2018 framework the iPhone X.

The Nightfall of Apple  
Steve Jobs became knotty in intimate politics, was bare of his duties, and unhopeful in 1985. Chase claims he'd start up a New company, Apple filed a case to stop consonant him using medium info or so the solid spell in contest. This was in time colonised away of tribunal.  
Jobs launched Following Iraqi National Congress. with a reckoner double as sinewy as anything Malus pumila had produced---and $1,000 cheaper!  
The keep company highly-developed high-ending computers at free-enterprise prices victimisation the NeXTSTEP OS. In 1993, Adjacent sold the ironware go with of the patronage to Canon in Holy Order to direction on its OS. It stayed leading of the competitor by ensuring that the OS could running on the latest hardware, the likes of the Intel x86 and Pentium processors.  
Microsoft's Windows 3.1 (1993) was a smashing success, and its replacement, Windows 95, became Mac OS's John Major rival.  
Motorola and IBM began to evolve PowerPCs, quickly taken on by computer software developers like Adobe and Aldus. Malus pumila highly-developed the PowerPC Rising slope card, and by 1994, the low Orchard apple tree PowerMacs were released.  
Without Jobs and Wozniak, Sculley was sure to confidential information the caller. The Organisation 7 OS introduced people of colour to Macs, while the PowerBook laptop computer likewise launched. 1993 saw ace of the company's highest-profile failures: the Sir Isaac Newton MessagePad, a glorified note-taker---costing $700!  

Team up 10 was not fair a originative and selling delegacy aimed at teens, they were besides Jake's friends.

9. The Jake Paulers  
The Paul the Apostle Brothers were more often than not kid friendly, and Jake's character on Disney sure as shooting helped.  
In fact the majority of their fans are Young girls or "lover girls" that are improbably passionate more or less them and get greatly contributed towards their increase on YouTube.  
Since YouTube itself is geared towards teens, it's non surprising that girls subscribed to the brothers' channels.  
Having so much a Whitney Moore Young Jr. and impressionable audience has led to a peck of spurn from others especially because Jake St. Paul lacks transparence.  
For many this has made Paul hard to source for and has embossed concerns all but his enactment as a function pattern for kids and teens.  

Apart from the tricky strain and way-out moves, How much does it cost to sell an NFT on OpenSea nates we explicate the unbelievable orbicular reply to “Gangnam Style,” a Sung dynasty that’s almost totally in Korean? How do I start selling NFT did it get so successful globally?

PSY? Why and how did he draw so illustrious?….  
I am shot just about of you let seen this hilarious music video. The year 2012 was essentially PSY’s year. He was everywhere. The essence this video had on social club has been mind-blowing.  
This viral Euphony video, PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ appeared hold out twelvemonth via Youtube. Since its release, the picture experience disperse taboo locked and wide altogether about the earth. Other democratic videos possess faded come out because of this fresh euphony video’s popularity. The video in some manner base its right smart to the ace of medicine charts of many countries, including Canada, Conjunctive Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain and to a greater extent. Gangnam Stylus reached come out of the closet most close up to a trillion TV audience! Gangnam title has turn the just about watched video recording on YouTube always.  
I insure everybody has heard of this song, and pretty a lot everyone has heard astir the Gangnam Way Creator PSY. I testament briefly speak about PSY, just now in casing more or less of you mightiness not take in heard around him or May non have it away anything nearly him. PSY, Park Jae-Sang is a To the south Korean daddy adept (for existence Korean I am really proud;-D). He became a worldwide loved singer done Gangnam manner final stage year. He was Max Born on 1977 in Han-Gook and was a silly, Why would anyone buy an NFT risque boy. He deliberate in the Combined States for his college at Berklee college of Euphony. His foremost album was released 2001 only the forthright lyrics and rum dance moves and such was well thought out as +19 euphony. PYS’s concerts were aimed to twenties and up. He was loved by many fans and his concerts are known to be soft on and awing. Just he had about troubles with the compulsory subject service of process and populate cerebration PSY was never going to comeback as a celebrity. Afterward his compulsory armed services religious service was ruined he was book binding on stagecoach unlike many peoples forecasting. He was loved, just non worldwide. And so in 2012, his newfangled 6 th album’s title Song dynasty became a big, vast strike.  
Psy’s Gangnam dash has been showcased on Today, Ellen and Sabbatum Night Live, among early major outlets. Not exclusively has the call been the just about seen television in Youtube it was likewise topped stratified on iTunes chart. The success of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ shows barely How much does it cost to list an NFT hefty and surprising the mixer media buns be by "virally" scattering contents crosswise the orb.  
Apart from the attention-getting tune up and way-out moves, How do I send NFT from OpenSea to Coinbase wallet fire we explicate the incredible globose reply to “Gangnam Style,” a Sung dynasty that’s near wholly in Korean? How did it turn so successful globally?  
PSY seems to cause followed a societal network-orientated playbook in its media use, subject ontogeny and message. The call by choice lacked a copyright so that many viewers would be able to make their ain online parodies. At that place possess been neumerous Gangnam Manner parodies on Youtube. The master copy PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has been viewed More than ane jillion times entirely about the populace. But since thither are so many parodies, it leave be laborious to think How to make money with NFT games many times it was viewed.  
Gangnam Style has been mentioned by several celebrities on Tweeter, Facebook and early sociable media. Also, it has been mentioned on News show wish CNN and others and sorts of media outlets. Every acknowledgment has speeded up the popularity of the television. Since elite media has a combination burden the TV audience preserve on growth and maturation. The television itself was shared by the people, World Health Organization watched it, and on and on. As the video became more than popular it got mentioned very much Sir Thomas More and it became the to the highest degree seen video recording.  
Every infectious agent picture will ever be affected by contemporaries influencers and early multiple media.  
PSY’s another maneuver was the far-famed “horse cavalry trip the light fantastic toe.” As an alternative of relying on his ain saltation crew, PSY invited and Why are NFTs so expensive compiled suggestions from the unscathed Korean trip the light fantastic toe residential district to rise the wide pop moves.  
Even out though PSY is ecumenical K-Toss off (shortsighted for Korean soda music) celebrity, he scarcely fits in to the pretty-face up mould different the other artists in that genre. His appearance and position are a great deal closer to that of an Median somebody. “Gangnam Style” really pokes amusive at how the unwashed world fantasizes around lifespan in the debauched lane, as symbolized by the ritzy, luxuriant country in Seoul called ‘Gangnam’. The anti-philistinism motif in the prison term of a globose niche has helped widen the attract of the birdcall.  
Hither are just about tip’s we posterior pay off from PSY’s Come to.  
Peerless is relieve oneself it something possess capable. The no-right of first publication and “Style” postfix of the song’s deed of conveyance played grown parts in allowing citizenry to well adopt, re-stylise and and so spread the strain. Similarly, music, videos, products and brands motive to disclose their own elements that give the sack be good as ain able.  
1" width="300" height="275" />  
Another lesson is to be open-minded with a limit. PSY’s crowdsourcing strategy was limited to just the dance community. Restricting the source of ideas to a knowledgeable base allowed PSY to increase creativity. Making sure that no time is wasted filtering out impractical ideas. Unrestricted crowdsourcing can cause outrageous, irresponsible results, such as when fans or pranksters on the Internet voted that Justin Bieber tour North Korea or something like that.  
Find an uncommonly-common emotional denominator that can spread across cultures. PSY has stated that he made the “Gangnam Style” video only for his native country South Korea. However, both the video and PSY have found universal popularity despite bucking convention in terms of the language and the look of a global pop idol. In fact, Psy’s transcendent appeal is that he is a likable anti-pop idol who is very comfortable in his own skin. It’s something ironically but true.  
As social networking keeps on growing, It will not be easy to become successful as PSY. Because, it takes more than just creating a product which is compelling to viewers. You will have to have some ability to capture the campaign among a large base of users and also get the necessary help from influencers like celebrities and media outlets to talk about your stuff. There are many ways to appeal yourself to the world. Though a PSY-like strategy is what we should consider. PSY and his video may turn out to be a moment hit, but by emulating the reasons for its success we can all be successful.  
Since social web will be one of the major drivers of success in the future.  
We all need to be iconoclastic, fun and, above all, sincere. There will be more upcoming successful people via social network.  

These assets are most commonly artwork, music, or video clips. However, there have been some other oddball items, such as tweets. Recently, a nonfungible token representing the first ever tweet, a post from founder and CEO Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, sold for $2.5 million. As if that's not crazy enough, shortly after, Christie's auction house sold an NFT for $69.3 million. That token represented a piece of digital artwork named Everyday: The First 5000 Days by artist Beeple.

posted Saturday Mar 20, 2021 by Scott Ertz  
In the past few weeks, the concept of NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, have become mainstream. With high-profile sales of digital assets, including some weird and others fairly normal, the term NFT has become one that many people have heard of. However, not everyone knows exactly what they are - in fact, few people really seem to know What app lets you buy NFTs the term really means.  
What is an NFT?  
An NFT is a specific token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. They share a common technological DNA with the Ethereum cryptocurrency but represent something different. Rather than representing a single portion of the overall value of a cryptocurrency ecosystem, NFTs represent a single point in time. That representation can be thought of as a digital certificate of authenticity for a particular digital asset.  
These assets are most commonly artwork, music, or video clips. However, there have been some other oddball items, such as tweets. Recently, a nonfungible token representing the first ever tweet, a post from founder and CEO Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, sold for $2.5 million. As if that's not crazy enough, shortly after, Christie's auction house sold an NFT for $69.3 million. That token represented a piece of digital artwork named Everyday: The First 5000 Days by artist Beeple.  
If I own the NFT, do I own the item?  
Headlines about recent NFT sales have not been entirely clear about exactly How much does it cost to mint an NFT collection they work or what the sale represents. With a traditional certificate of authenticity, you get it when purchasing an item. With NFTs, however, this is not the case. Owning the NFT does not mean that you are the owner of the original digital asset. It's the most difficult part of the concept to understand. Jeffrey Thompson, associate professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey explained it, saying,  

NFTs challenge the idea of ownership: digital files can be reproduced infinitely and you do not (usually) buy the copyright or a license when purchasing an NFT.

Another strange NFT sale is for the Nyan Cat meme, which sold for $590,000. The owner of that token does not give ownership of the meme to the owner, nor does it allow for them to prevent others from downloading or using it. What it does is gives the owner a unique token theoretically tied exclusively to that meme.  
While it doesn't exactly work this way, you can think of it like going to a convention and buying a print of an artwork. You own that print, and only you can own it. But, it doesn't mean that the artist no longer uses it, and Does it cost money to create a NFT not mean that you can reproduce it and make money from it.  
But, why are they so valuable?  
Just like any item, the value comes from people's belief in its value. And, like many collectables, value will be variable over time. People might remember the comic book craze of the 80s that collapsed by the 90s, or the Beanie Baby craze of the 90s that crashed by the 2000s. Those markets crashed because people lost faith in the value of the products. Marvel almost went out of business because of this loss of perceived value. Some collectables, however, maintain their value. Baseball cards, Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon are all good examples of collectible commodities that have maintained for decades.  
For NFTs, the future of value is unpredictable. It could go the way of Beanie Babies and Pogs, but it could be more like Pokemon and persevere. The fact that it is blockchain-based will help it maintain its momentum, at least among blockchain diehards. However, it is going to need to make a play for general acceptance, like cryptocurrency has, in order to maintain its growth.  

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Multiple furry artists tried to offer their own lesson about provenance and filed a DMCA takedown notice on Foundation . Foundation’s Terms of Service state that they require you to provide proof that you are either "authorized to act on behalf of the owner" or are the owner yourself, and the platform temporarily delists NFTs upon receiving a DMCA request until the copyright dispute is resolved. Four individuals filed takedown notices which were reviewed by Foundation Trust & Safety to ensure they complied with the DMCA requirements. Foundation is not technically involved in the dispute, however, and delisting it on the platform does nothing to erase the NFT or records of its existence or copies hosted elsewhere, which is How can I buy NFT tokens in India Inami was able to still display it at a custom link. Foundation was not immediately available to provide a comment.

NFT Collector Sells People's Fursonas for $100K In Right-Click Mindset War  
On Sunday, a Twitter user and NFT investor who goes by the pseudonym VincentVanDough put an NFT named "Right Click Save This" up for sale. The NFT featured 100 profile pictures from furries compiled into one image, laid over with a Pepe frog in a top hat flashing a middle finger, and emblazoned with a caption alternating between "LAWSUIT MATERIAL" and "CALL: 1800-SUE-ME.”  
"This piece is dedicated to the furries," reads the NFT's description. "They may not understand the value of provenance yet, but they will soon enough." Adding insult to injury, the NFT featuring people’s fursonas actually sold for around 20 ETH, or $100,000, according to a tweet from VincentVanDough and blockchain records.   
There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s try: NFT haters have long taunted investors by right-clicking and saving their expensive JPEGs as if to say, your blockchain-linked receipt of ownership is purely fictitious if I can do this. In response, NFT investors have taken to calling this the “ right-clicker mentality ” as a way to cope and signal that right-clickers simply don’t get that the token on the blockchain is the thing, and Can you sell NFTs without gas fee still be sold for millions even if you can save the JPEG on your phone. Amid all of this, furries—a notably lefty bunch online—have aired their misgivings with NFTs, for example their environmental impact and the rampant art theft , and even heavily criticized Lindsay Lohan for releasing a fursona NFT in September.   
So, “Right Click Save This” is a very intentional fuck-you to right-clickers and to furries in particular and has been embraced as such by everyone involved.  
As you might guess, the furries did not sit idly by and just let this happen. Artists began urging anyone whose picture was in the collage to issue a DMCA request for takedown, arguing that the NFT infringed on their copyrighted images. Since the sale, the NFT has been taken down and delisted on popular marketplaces OpenSea and Foundation , the latter being the platform where the NFT was minted.  
“It’s extremely discouraging to be creating artwork you just want to simply share with friends and such for fun (or in some other folks’ case, to make a living on), just to have someone come along and take a copy of it to make a profit on it themselves with little to no effort,” one furry artist whose profile picture was stolen and used in the collage told Motherboard. “I share the same view with many T-shirt print companies that scour the internet for artwork to print and sell T-shirts with no royalties to the originating artist (and without their permission or knowledge).”  
The DMCA takedown seemingly caused a panic for the buyer: Kento Inami, a Japanese former derivatives trader that now runs UXD Protocol , a self-described "algorithmic stablecoin, backed 100% by delta neutral position."  
"I politely demand to speak to @withFND Ceo right now, like fucking right now," said Inami in a tweet directed at the Foundation platform where the NFT was minted. "I bought a pic of a furry for $100k and I see no furry due to your incompetence, either you give me back my furry or I will sue with the best US lawyers."  
Inami realized quickly that he had not been scammed, but actually owned the token and simply couldn’t view the listing. After some gloating on Twitter and celebration of the “free marketing” for his NFT—referring to the backlash from furry artists and creators—Inami tweeted a link to view the NFT, adding “Your move furries.”  
Motherboard asked Inamiif he was surprised by the reaction to the NFT over Discord. “Nah I expected the furry community to be pissed off and cause an uproar, which is why I bought it.” He intends to hold the NFT for some time, but said he’d already received offers “at a much higher price.”  
VincentVanDough and Inami both fancy themselves as NFT collectors. Inami’s page on OpenSea features an oddball assortment of NFTs. One NFT of a tweet was purchased for .2 ETH by Kento in August, but they're offering it for a modest 88 ETH (just over $373,592). They currently sit on 65 NFTs, and over the past seven months alone, Kento has bought and sold well over $300,000 worth of NFTs on OpenSea.   
VincentVanDough is a little more prolific : they’ve collected well over 3,000 NFTs according to theirOpenSea profile. On the site, they describe themselves as a “purveyor of shitcoins and fine art.” VincentVanDough has managed to earn a little infamy for himself already, as a member of the group of investors that bought the NFT rights to visit a 2,000-lb cube of tungsten once a year in Illinois.  
“I have bought tens of millions of dollars worth of NFTs, not hundreds of thousands. I have no plans to do anything with my collection but continue to collect,” VincentVanDough told Motherboard in an email. When asked about whether he anticipated a DMCA takedown of the listing, he declined to answer Motherboard’s questions.  
Late on Monday, VincentVanDough offered a little more insight into why he did this with a long Twitter thread defending his actions. In his thread, he claimed that he chose “100 fursona profile pictures from the 100 loudest critics I could find" of a thread made by Discord CEO Jason Citron, who recently teased crypto integration on Twitter and then backed off after receiving widespread backlash .   
Artists whose pictures were stolen, however, told Motherboard they had no idea what VincentVanDough was talking about. "No idea who that even is," one artist told Motherboard. They'd also gotten into contact with other artists whose images were stolen, they told Motherboard, but none seemed familiar with what Vincent was referring to. Another artist told Motherboard that they had never interacted with or tweeted about Citron, at most only making "a few memes" ridiculing NFTs. One artist told Motherboard their stolen profile picture was used for a locked private account they solely post art on for a small audience.  
"I don't need to dive into the irony of watching a bunch of right click savers absolutely seethe when confronted with the idea of someone doing the same to them," Vincent tweeted. "NFTs are just a receipt they say, but that receipt lets us verify the creator and come to consensus on the original version no matter how many times it's reproduced or remixed. This ability would be useful to them now."  
After a bunch of people got mad at him, VincentVanDough offered to compensate any artist whose image he had used provided they could verify it. “If I used a pfp that you created in my collage,” Vincent tweeted, “I am willing to pay you $5k to mint this pfp on Ethereum as a 1/1 and send to my wallet.”   
VincentVanDough said that this more or less absolved him as he was "offering far more than any of them could have otherwise paid/sold" and claimed only one individual who reached out to take the offer "has been remotely close to being able to show that their pfp in question was in fact theirs."  
All this, according to VincentVanDough anyway, comes down to a question of provenance—but only on a superficial level. NFTs don’t actually prove that you created an image, only that you minted or bought a token, and indeed VincentVanDough’s furry NFT is entirely predicated on the idea that someone else created the images in it. We must also consider that theft is rampant in the NFT space, where unscrupulous people steal art and mint it to be sold as a collectible; if the NFT was the final word on ownership there, rather than more traditional ways to claim that someone created something, that would be a disaster. In other words, it’s less about provenance or ownership and more about what is sufficient to take control of something.  
Multiple furry artists tried to offer their own lesson about provenance and filed a DMCA takedown notice on Foundation . Foundation’s Terms of Service state that they require you to provide proof that you are either "authorized to act on behalf of the owner" or are the owner yourself, and the platform temporarily delists NFTs upon receiving a DMCA request until the copyright dispute is resolved. Four individuals filed takedown notices which were reviewed by Foundation Trust & Safety to ensure they complied with the DMCA requirements. Foundation is not technically involved in the dispute, however, and delisting it on the platform does nothing to erase the NFT or records of its existence or copies hosted elsewhere, which is How to make money with NFT games Inami was able to still display it at a custom link. Foundation was not immediately available to provide a comment.  
"Infringement of intellectual property rights is a violation of our Terms of Service,” an OpenSeas spokesperson told Motherboard. “We received a DMCA notice for the NFT and acted in compliance with the DMCA, per our policy."  
A DMCA takedown is not the final word on this, however. VincentVanDough said on Twitter he is filing counterclaims to the DMCA takedowns, insisting that it was "clearly fair use and intended to make a statement," and goes on to add that "For a community into some seriously deviant shit, they should certainly see the value in being impervious to censorship.  
Of course, few among the community he and Inami are mocking all the way to the bank share this sentiment.



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